Soaking is coming into the Presence of God.  Soaking is learning how to yield to His voice and hear what He has to say. Being intimate with your Heavenly Father.

“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10

Soaking is defined as to soak, saturate, drench, immerse or flood.  Previous revivals have referred to Soaking as “waiting on the Lord”, “tarrying” in His Presence, or “abiding” in God’s Presence, expecting the blessings of His Spirit to sweep over them. It is learning to quiet yourself, feel the Love of the Father and to rest in Him without “striving” in prayer. As you soak, you will hear the voice of God and he will instruct you on how to pray as he directs.

If you are stressing and striving, there is a simple remedy… soaking in His presence.

People respond differently to the Holy Spirit’s Presence as they begin to connect with God. Each will react differently when they encounter the Holy Spirit. Some may laugh, some may cry, some may fall or simply choose to lie down on the floor, as a sign of surrender to what God wants to do in their lives. You should get into a position that you can receive in. Rest in God’s Presence, invite the Holy Spirit to come and then wait for Him. As you soak, He will begin to reveal Himself to you. He will bring Healing in every area of your life. He will give revelation knowledge, speak to you through His Word, poems, songs, prophetic words, impressions or pictures that you can see in your mind’s eye. You will begin to fall MORE in Love with Jesus than ever before and have more of His passion and Love flowing through you to give away to the world. When you get so full of Him, you will overflow onto those around you.

We minister out of the overflow, NOT out of the need to minister. Soaking prepares you to “Give it Away”!!

“WAIT (Soak) in the Upper Room, until you receive the Power…” Acts 1