Dear Cindy and Team:

Thank you so much for coming to Trinity Vineyard Fellowship in January 2011. Each Wednesday night session on soaking grew in power and presence. Being a Vineyard Church we love renewal and the intimate presence of the Father and that is just what we got when you came. It was like dialing up a notch or filling the pool a little deeper. We had many wonderful experiences and the crowd grew each week as you taught. A friend who ministers at our church came in February and commented on sensing we were at a new deeper place in the river.

So, Thank You and I would highly recommend your soaking training to other churches.

Blessings, looking forward to next time.

Dr. Ed Sanders, PhD
Trinity Vinyard Fellowship 
Fort Worth, TX

My husband and I were at the Heritage Center in SC attending Sid Roth’s “One New Man Conference.” Our favorite part of the conference was Cindy Parton’s teaching on “Soaking.” This was a new term/concept to us. We appreciated her concise, no-nonsense, straight shooting, and informative talk.

After Cindy taught, we were encouraged to practice “soaking.”

We were asked to get comfortable in our chair or lie down. As we listened to the music, people from your team would come and touch us. My eyes were closed and I could sense the presence of the Lord. At the end I came forward for prayer.

As the team was ministering to me, I fell back onto the floor. I don’t know if anyone caught me or not. That is the first time in my entire life I have ever been “slain in the spirit.” I lay there and tried to get up. I didn’t know what to do since this had never happened to me before.  I could not get up. There was a 1000 pound weight adhering me to the floor. I could not even raise my hands off the floor. I lay there and just said:

“Thank You Lord, I don’t want to miss the significance and importance of what God has for me even if I don’t understand it all.”

Thanks so very much for ministering to us. I hope you and your team will be ministering at the next Sid Roth conference because we will definitely sign up for the conference!

Dick and Patty Dixon
Virginia Beach, VA

I came in tonight sulking and really feeling depressed because of a lot of things going on at this point in my life.  I didn’t expect much from the Lord at first, worrying as usual that He was angry with me for not being perfect throughout the week.

But I began to think of what a privilege it was to come to a place like this where there is so much power and it is so real, and I began to let go of my thoughts and worries and just receive from God. As He has done before, the Holy spirit just filled me with joy and I began to laugh uncontrollably.

Every time He fills me with laughter I feel freer than I did before and I understand why there is joy in the presence of the Lord. I am also reminded how silly it is to worry and after such a joyous time in His presence, any worries I had just fade into nothing. There is a reason why God told us not to worry.

Bethany Park
March 5, 2007

I have been “cleaning house” and getting rid of things… As I was doing this I ran across a book that says we need to get rid of what we don’t want to make room for what we do want… we need to get the “clutter” out of our lives…

I noticed that a lot of the books that I had were on rejection, father issues, worship, finances and receiving from the Spirit of God… all topics that concern most Believers… as I looked through these books I noticed that they have a lot of information on causes, case studies and examples but no real solutions… only ways to “cope…” which in reality for most Christians is… pretending you’re o.k. and hoping someday God will deliver you!

What really stood out to me as I looked through these books was… I have been soaking for the past 3 1/2 years and these are all issues in my own life that I now have assurance that God is in control of those areas… that they are not things that I have to “study” to “solve…” We are to study the Word and we can learn from others helpful things in ministering to others but I am no longer looking for “the key” to solve life’s problems… I am confident that as I am in His Presence hooked up to my “heavenly I.V. (intravenous solution)” the Father is taking care of the things that concern me through a “slow drip” or sometimes a “quick charge” in the Spirit.

Connie Javier
Fort Worth, TX

I feel you are like a mother to us and you have such wisdom. My, how the body needs practical teaching. God has blessed me so much by you and your team. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless the body of Christ. I hope we see each other soon. Blessings to you.

In Christ,
Barbara Haynes
Virginia Beach, Virginia

I wanted to thank you for speaking in Raleigh, NC. We had been trying to have a soaking center at a church location for a year, and kept having problems meeting and did not really have freedom to flow, it just was not working. You encouraged us to try meeting at our home and we have been ever since.

It has been GREAT. I didn’t think it would make that much difference, and was worried about the logistics, but we have had so much more FUN at home. It has brought a lot of folks that would not have come to a “building.” It has been neat to see it evolve- we started out with mostly adults and a few teens.

Now that we are meeting at home, there are at least as many teens as there are adults and they are being set on fire. We are doing great, having a blast soaking. It is so neat that every meeting is different, and God keeps touching His people.

Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom,
Jessica Jones
Raleigh, North Carolina

Last May, a friend and I drove from Tulsa, Oklahoma, to The River Center in the Fort Worth, Texas area. We wanted to hear John Scotland who was to be a guest speaker at their regular Monday night meeting. I knew hearing John and being at The River Center would be worth the trip, but I had no idea how important John’s ministry would be to my future.

I had visited Bob and Cindy Parton’s meetings a few times before, but I had never seen their house as crammed full of people as it was that night. We were sitting shoulder to shoulder on the floor leaving no carpet visible anywhere. When John arrived he weaved his way through us to a far corner of the living room where he soaked in the Spirit with us for quite a while before preaching. One thing I remember him saying was, “If you stay in the middle of the road you will get run over from both directions.” He talked of the importance of passion in our walk with the Lord and about people receiving the revelation of their inheritance and moving into their excessive destiny.

Then, to minister this message to us, John explained that he would be breaking the “no pushing” rule by pushing us each down five times. He said it would a prophetic act done in order to push us into our destinies. Two strong catchers were instructed how to work together to throw us back up at John immediately between pushes. For the next few hours John pushed people into their destinies (about a hundred of us) by this prophetic activation. It was a wild, hot time in the Spirit with loud music, laughter, and a lot of drunkenness. I wasn’t sure if I was drunk in the Spirit after my five pushes or just dizzy from flying up and down, but it sure was fun. Everybody from the smallest children to the oldest folks wanted John to push them into their futures that night. One young man who enjoyed working long and hard as one of the catchers had just been born again that afternoon. I wondered if he knew what a totally untypical Christian meeting he was attending.

Often, when we act out something like this, we think of it as being symbolic or just illustrating a point. However, what John was doing was not just expressing an unusual ministry style. It was releasing people by a prophetic act into an accelerated level of what God had for each of them. For me, it had to do with writing poetry. I had written a few poems in my life and gradually a few more in the last few years since I’ve been involved in soaking prayer. Writing poetry was like finding a gold nugget occasionally, very occasionally. Since that meeting last May it has been like living under an avalanche of poetry. Words and phrases were just there – when I woke up, when I was going to sleep, in the middle of the night, and at any time, convenient or inconvenient. At times, several poems would be coming so simultaneously that it was challenging to untangle them. By Fall, I realized I had written more poetry during this last summer than I had in my entire life previously. I’m now putting about thirty of them together in a book about soaking prayer.

The calling to do this writing was already there, but the level of creative productivity needed to express that call was released by a prophet being obedient in a wild Holy Ghost meeting. Often the question people have about those wild meetings that just look like pointless fun is, “Where’s the fruit? How is the kingdom of God advanced by such foolishness?” The day is coming when the fruit of such childlike foolishness will “confound the wise”. People like John Scotland who have been criticized as being “in excess” will use their excess to overflow on and jump start many other ministries.

In September, at the Soaking in God’s Glory conference in Toronto, John and Jean Scotland had a private meeting with over 200 pastors and leaders from Norway. John had them do several prophetic activities including pushing them into their destinies. (They got one push instead of five.) One thing he said to them was, “When a baby is about to be born the midwife or doctor says, ‘Push!’ ” (The church is in transition.) I was with a small group of people with Cindy Parton who got to pray over these people from Norway that day as they lay powerfully overcome by the Spirit after receiving the prophetic push by John. We were so excited because we knew that they wouldn’t even know the extent of what had been released in them until after they went back home.

Thank you, John, for being obedient to a sometimes controversial call. And thank you, Bob and Cindy, for bringing him to Texas. I’m so glad you’re all not too “balanced” to be a blessing to many!

Margaret Westphal – Tulsa, OK
May ’06 meeting with John Scotland at The River Center

Just wanted to let everyone know that my Doctor has declared me “cancer free”… Praise God.

We know that this miracle has occurred because of all your love, prayers and support. Thank you for being faithful to pray and intercede for me daily. I know some of you prayed 24/7. That is so awesome!! Thank you for praying when the emails went out for a specific request that I had, whatever the request I KNEW that within the hour of the email going out, that I would feel better. That is how fast God answered your prayers for me. I could literally feel a bubble of love around me…and as I sit here and type this email, this all seems so unreal, I can’t believe that this has all happened to us in the past 4 months. It is truly a MIRACLE!!!!

For those that have not heard my testimony, I want to share a little of how this all occurred. People have a lot of questions and we have found a lot of people with a fear of breast cancer. My surgeon has informed us that 1 out of 3 women will get breast cancer. We have to come against this and fight it with God’s help. It is the devils way of attacking our “motherhood” and our “nurturing” gifting. 10 years ago, my Dr discovered a lump in my breast, the decision was made to remove it. The results came back that the tissue around the lump were pre-cancerous, so I went for mammograms and saw my surgeon every 3, 6 or 9 months, whatever they determined I needed for the past 9 years. 3-4 years ago, another lump appeared in the same breast, a biopsy was performed and it was not cancer. So, we decided to just leave it there and the Dr’s continued to watch it every few months.

The scriptures tell us “that nothing happens to us that God does not tell the prophets first”. Last year I had a dream, that Bob and I were just docking from the “Catch the Wave” cruise (which at the time I dreamed this, we were not even planning on going on the cruise) as we docked, we had a phone call telling us that someone was going to try to kill me when we got home. Our family and our group began to pray about this dream, we really thought it was a spiritual attack, never thought it would be a physical attack. But we began to pray all the scriptures we knew to cover this attack. That no weapon formed against us would prosper, that whatever the devil intended for evil, God would turn it around for good. That whatever the devil was sending to attack us, we turned it around and sent it right back to the sender.

We got home from the cruise on Saturday night and the following Wednesday morning, I was sitting at work, “just minding my own business” (as Melinda Fish says) and trying to get my work caught up, when the phone rang. I answered, the lady asked Mrs. Parton? I said yes, she said, “this is the Tech from the Breast Care Center” and you do have cancer. I said well, thank you for calling and you have a nice day too, and when I turned around, God had sent a Christian lady from our department into my office and overheard the conversation, so when I hung up the phone, she immediately began to pray over me, she broke off all fear, fear of cancer, fear of the unknown…and everything else she could think of. My families reaction was “you have got to be kidding me”. The people at work began to hear the news, and they would just burst out in tears. I was trying to encourage them.

The next day, Bob, Christy and I met with the surgeon. The news was the worst that we could expect… that with my kind of breast cancer, which is the hardest to detect, but the easiest to cure. The Dr recommended a simple mastectomy. She explained that there are different kinds of reconstruction, she would schedule me with the Plastic Surgeon to determine what would be best for me, but one method is a tummy tuck. When we left, Bob and Christy said what are we going to do now? I said we are going to lunch and celebrate, Jack Taylor has taught us when life gives you trouble, you have a party and celebrate, so, we went to lunch, then Christy asked what are we going to tell everyone when we get back to work? I said we are going in with a good report, we are going to tell everyone that I am getting a “boob job” and a “tummy tuck”. What we found, was that regardless of what kind of news you have to give, you can give it in a way to boost courage and support. My whole department became so encouraging and supportive of our whole family.

We literally have had people praying for us all over the world, along with our group praying 24/7, my department at work praying. We have learned a new dimension to the “Power of Prayer”, IT WORKS, and now as I have sent this Praise Report to all my work, God has used all this to bring Glory to His Name. My Doctors are all amazed at how fast I have recovered. My Oncologist told me that I would start to feel normal in about 3 months, and would tend to overdue it, I said oh, like I did Monday, she asked what happened? I told her that I went to work and worked almost all day, we hosted the “Cause” group Monday night and I got to bed at 1:30 AM, got up and went to work. She was shocked, she said you should not have a “normal” feeling day until 3 months!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Several of our intercessors have received words about this attack. One of our close evangelist friends said that so many attacks are coming against the people of God right now are coming from Job’s “so-called” friends, cursing them behind their backs. These attacks are intended to discourage and destroy the leaders right now.

Well, our group made the decision from the very beginning that we were going to be Victorious through it ALL!!!

Just last Monday night, we hosted a group from “The Cause”, Lou Engle’s group, which just confirmed the prophetic words that we have received for a long time. They prophesied that Bob and I and this group would go all over the world and teach people “how to do what we are doing right here for the past 10 years”. They also said a larger house was coming, which we received this same prophecy in Toronto 1 1/2 years ago that we would just be handed the keys to this great big house.

Our house is full to the brim right now and new people continue to come every week. We also have 25-30 kids that come every Monday night, (they meet in a small bedroom) so it is time for this prophecy to be fulfilled. Please be in agreement with us for this to happen soon.

People have called and are wanting to schedule us to come share “what we do on Mondays”, so we are getting back in the “saddle” again and “back on the road”!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers and support, please continue to pray.
With Much Love and Appreciation!!!!

Cindy Parton and Family
Healed of Breast Cancer – August 26, 2005